Work-related stress is how a person feels when they have demands at work that exceed how much they feel they can cope with. Over 11 million working days are lost each year because of work-related stress, and stress can contribute to conditions such as anxiety or depression. Nearly half a million people in the UK have work-related stress at a level that makes them feel ill.

I provide a service that aims to support people with stress, that may affect their physical & emotional wellbeing and performance at work. I can form an essential part of your plans to support your staff at difficult times and can form part of Employment Assistance Programmes.

Empower your workforce to proactively manage their own health and wellbeing.

Easy 30 minute on site sessions for up to 12 people targeting the reduction of stress.

Prices start from £220 per day.  Block bookings discounted.  

According to The Mental Health Foundation, the pressure of an increasingly demanding work culture in the UK is perhaps the biggest and most pressing challenge to the mental health of the general population.

benefits of reflexology

The Association of Reflexologists explain that reflexology is effective at bringing down anxiety levels and reducing the stress response in a natural way. Studies have shown on-site reflexology has not only reduced the numbers of sick days lost due to stress but also increased staff wellbeing and motivation, staff satisfaction, feelings of support and improved company loyalty.





Does your private healthcare provider make concession for reflexology?