About Sarah

CRM5 (Dip) CRC (Grad) MAR

My Journey

After 15 years as an Assistant Director in the world of TV and film, bowing to the prime time elite and ensuring the A class teetotal vegan celeb got their stash of malbec & cheese (shhhh...don't tell the press!), I finally called it a wrap. It was an industry that once served me well, taking me to far flung locations & working with some amazing people, but i'd started to wear "burn out" like a badge of honour & my health was suffering.

It started at 21 with a reoccuring back problem, psoriasis, migraines, restless leg syndrome & later with postnatal anxiety.  The medical profession could only help me so far with MRI scans, facet joint injections, medication & physio, and I knew that I had to start listening to my body and sort it out myself. Once I found reflexology, I never looked back. I was amazed that given the right signals & support, my body had an innate ability to rebalance itself. 

As a pragmatic, hands on, no-nonsense kind of woman, the type that used to just "make it happen" in the TV industry, you wouldn't think i'd buy into the whole, "poking your feet can make you feel better" line. When health becomes more manageable, your life can turn around overnight.  The results speak for themselves.

Holding qualifications in anatomy, physiology & the pathology of disease, as part of the highest attainable qualification in the UK, i can tailor treatments to specific client needs, optimising good health & building resilience.  I can help tiny new feet to those that have walked the path of life.  Whether it's alongside conventional medical treatment, as a preventative measure or to tackle specific conditions holistically, then get in touch.